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E-Passport (EPPT)


The Nigerian embassy commenced the issuance of E-Passport with effect from Monday, February 01, 2010.

The new E-Passport contains a Biometric electronic chip inside the booklet. The chip contains Personal details of the holder of the Passport; (as every other past Passport, Your Passport belongs to the Federal Government of Nigeria, a document kept in individual’s custody) – please make sure you check properly your details before the final print-out of your Passport.

The e-Passport meets standards set by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). The chip and antenna contained in the e-Passport are sensitive electronic devices. The Biometric Passport must not be bent, to avoid damaging the electronic device that stores your Personal details.

Do not staple any document to your e-Passport, as this will damage the component and render invalid the e- Passport.

Children can no longer be endorsed in a Parent’s Passport; they must hold a Passport of their own. A change in marriage status or change of Personal details will require acquiring a new Passport as new information cannot be added to the chip once produced. Observation of any kind is not allowed in the new e-Passport.

If your Passport or the chip in it gets damaged, it may prevent you from travelling and you may need to get a replacement; therefore, protect your Passport and the chip from damage, or exposed to very high or very low temperatures, excess moisture, magnetic fields or microwaves.

The new e-Passport will help fight fraud and forgery in several ways, be proud to carry it with you.

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